Friday, September 20, 2013

Top Ten Things I Love About Trail and Ultra Running

So the folks at TrailAndUltraRunning.Com have issued an invitation: post about what you love most about trail and/or ultra running, and you might win an Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest. Now I would have no problems writing that kind of post for free. So I will. That's how much I love trail running. But if I ended up winning an Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest, I would probably enjoy trail running even more! So here goes, in the form of a Top Ten List:

Top Ten Things I Love About Trail and Ultra Running
  1. I love finding a new path on an old trail and seeing where it goes.
  2. I love attempting a familar route in an unconventional way.
  3. I love entering thick jungle and being embraced by silence.
  4. I love running through thick grass early in the morning and being refreshed by the dew.
  5. I love bombing down trails that are slightly beyond my ability. Half out of control is half the fun.
  6. I love the comradery that exists in the ultra community, whether online or in person.
  7. I love water crossings!
  8. I love how an ultramarathon can give you access to local village trails typically unseen by the general public.
  9. I love how extreme adversity in an ultramarathon (such as the one I just ran) makes the local ultra community stronger and closer.
  10. I love knowing that yes, I can.

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