Thursday, January 9, 2014

MAF Test - Month 2

This was not a great month health-wise so I did not expect a great MAF test. I was not disappointed! It was about the same as last month, but a tad bit slower. But that's what I get. I took a complete week off, and it was December so I indulged in many Christmas specialties and treats. So I couldn't expect my body to reward me with increased performance after that. Anyway, here are my splits (with the first two months' data as well):

Sports Complex (5km) at 121-131bpm:

October 31 November 30 January 5
Kilometer 1 8:19 8:10 8:04
Kilometer 2 8:45 8:49 8:26
Kilometer 3 9:26 8:44 8:51
Kilometer 4 9:23 8:55 9:13
Kilometer 5 9:34 9:00 9:20
45:26 43:38 43:54
Pace (min/mi) 14:37 14:03 14:08

So yeah, that's what Maffetone would call a 'plateau' and according to him all plateaus have a cause. I've got mine nailed so lemme work on eating better this month and see how next month looks. I didn't do a trail (hill) MAF test this month because I have less time for running now that school has started for the kids, and I want to focus on MAF fitness above all else.